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What Is Humans Network?

The website is intended to highlight the events of the last two years through the lens of personal experiences that have not been widely reported in the media.

The people behind project worked together on the Corman-Drosten report, which exposes the COVID-19 PCR test scam. During our conversations, we came to the conclusion that we should do something extra. There was no COVID-19 pandemic, according to the genuine science. The evidence that the so-called COVID-19 vaccines are harmful grows by the day. More and more people are speaking out about it, but what about those who knew from the start that something was wrong and who felt lonely and isolated? They continue to encounter hostility, and no one speaks about them.... It is time to fix that!

We'll start with our own stories: those of founder Dr. Lidiya Angelova, as well as Dr. Dorothea Gilbert and Howard R. Steen, whom she invited to join the Humans Network team.

We also want to reach out to those of you who, like us, believe that the present narrative is unacceptable and needs to be corrected. Please tell us:

-> How have COVID-19 pandemic measures impacted your life?

-> What are your thoughts on the matter?

->What should we as a humanity do to prevent this from happening again?

We'll share your experiences and work with you to ensure that your voices are heard.

We also want to establish a human network through which we may exchange our knowledge and wisdom. We will show that humanity is still alive and well.

Please get in touch with us if you are one of those folks. You can either write or video your story. Send it to and if the file is too big use or similar.

If writing in English is too difficult, write your story in your native tongue and translate it using websites like deepl. To fix any grammar errors, use an online grammar checker. If you like, you can send your story in your native language as well. Both will be published.

If you want to share your story but stay anonymous, we still want to hear from you. We do not gather or distribute any personal information about you.

Simply put, we want the rest of humanity to hear your point of view! Feel free to ask any questions via the email or join the founder's Dr Lidiya Angelova Telegram group chat.

We can't wait to connect with you!

Love Lidiya, Thea and Howard.

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